Bringing Christ back into Christmas

Just last week at Nakumatt Thika Road, the Christmas scene was having the usual very tall tree, lights and all the decorations and trimmings that go with it. The newest addition was the Polar Bears. So when a friend MTO snapped the scene, it became a point of discussion in my house but also on the FB.

Thank God the Nativity Scene brought back into our TRM. Yeah, I know Jesus is not popular in some circles, but hey he is King of Kings. King over Christmas trees and Polar bears.

So am happy that some children will this Christmas ask ” Who is the baby in the manger?” and someone will answer ” Long time ago in Bethlehem…”.

As we pass by to buy ice cream, to gawk at wonderful displays, to eat at the food court or to simply stroll as a family or alone, we must pause at the Nativity Scene and for a brief moment remember that God loved you and me so much that he gave his one and only son…not the lifeless block of baby in the manger but King of Kings and LORD of Lords. Merry Christmas

Christmas at Nakumatt- Nativity Scene



My Christmas 2015 reflections continue with a thought I had last night about Santa Claus. Now I know some of us cringe our noses when I mention that name and we conjure up many theories of who he is or not. Before we get too critical let me bring in my point.

When I watch Christmas movies (my best are Hallmark or ABC family ones) SC is an elderly man who gives gifts to children who have been nice in the year. He lands them at the Christmas tree after the kid expresses the wish especially at a mall or a silent prayer. SC gives the gift desired and the expression of joy on the child’s face when the gift is given is amazing! I love those parts of the movie because I love receiving gifts. Friends and family…this is to you… i love receiving gifts and so do you.

Christmas reminds us of the ultimate gift ever given- God gave His son Jesus Christ to DIE for our sins. It is a cliche in most homes that God gave His best and indeed He did…but do you give your best to family, to workmates, to friends, to strangers? To yourself? Do you give at all?

At this time we are packing suitcases and setting off to our “homes”, we are shopping till we drop, we are eating till we drop, we are looking forward to this holiday. Spare a thought for the new widow, the new orphan, the single parent, the lonely heart- trusting God for a spouse, to the childless, those whose family live out of the country, those who MUST work this time, those who are alone in this world, a young couple with a new child, those with a sick relative in hospital. Buy a packet of milk, buy a huge shopping, visit and eat their small meals, bring the kids over to make them happy, visit them and with them and cheer their grieving or lonely souls, make a dress, buy a shoe, give a card, buy a basket of fruits. Do something GiveSanta