The snare of emotional entanglements.

Wairimu this is excellent. You are a really good writer

Wairimu Mwangi

emotional entanglementsFor a long time I would call these technical relationships for lack of a better word. It’s until I sat in a Romance 101 class (A discipleship program on relationships and marriage) that I learnt the ideal word to use is emotional entanglements.A numbers of us single people have fallen into this trap.

The goal of any relationship is oneness in all aspects. For every healthy relationship, there is the friendship stage before getting to emotional oneness. A relationship may also start with emotional oneness. Many relationships fall into this category. It is also not a safe way to start a relationship. If not monitored, it gradually progresses to physical oneness.

Once I was in a serious emotional entanglement. It was terrible. I enjoyed love without commitment. My fantasy world was full of this guy I’ll call Jay. We would text all day. Somehow, we put off friends and formed…

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