In His Time


One of my all time favourite songs is the Maranatha Album’s “In His Time”. The tune is easy and soulful. The words are hauntingly sweet. The tempo is designed to help you gulp in every word.  The song is a timeless classic that I think should be our ringtone to remind us to wait upon God when the going gets tough-because it will.

I have preached and trained many times in many Kenyan Universities and colleges on the importance of time management. Many a time the focus has been on how to manage time and to be a good steward. I do not in any way belittle this view of things,  but as time rolls on and I grow less younger, I have found one of the greatest time wasters.

It is the forever relentless nature of humans and even humans going to heaven to spend this precious commodity acting God.

This we do by doing things not in His time but out of it.  We worry,  yet God tells us worry not,  we plan like there is no God – by this I mean having no room for the “what ifs”of life. Therefore (and God forbid)  when the “what ifs”happens,  then we relapse into worry and playing God.

My favourite proverb found in the Bible goes something like “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct your paths”.

We have no issue with God,  we may have no issue with trust too but for us to enjoy the benefits of Him directing our paths,  we must Trust His Timing. Then and only then will He make ALL things beautiful for His glory.

I wish you a good day

Fearfully and Wonderfully made



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