How I Need You

Lord I come,  I confess,  bowing here,  I find my rest.  Without you,  I fall apart,  you are the one that guides my heart. Chris Tomlin to me is the new generation (millenials) Michael W Smith.  These lyrics of this modern day classic ” I need you” have an effect on my heart like a piercing of a sword.

The words of this song open the floodgates of my tears.  I am constantly transported into the awareness of the presence of God no matter where I  am. So this is a tricky song to listen to while in public transport because I will bawl like a frustrated toddler.

Do we need the Lord Jesus Christ?  Or have we turned the other way and we want him to need us?  The temptation to be all sufficient in self is a battle that I fight daily with my flesh.  To be in full control of all and everything about me. Jesus told Chris Tomlin to write this song to remind you and I that he holds all things together and without him we will fall apart.

I cry because I wrestle to remain under his direction and ways.  I wrestle with the notion to be like God… A futile attempt from mini-me.

So I sing… “Lord I need you oooh I need you,  every hour I need you,  my one defence,  my righteousness oh God how I need you”.

I sing as a prayer that God will still my anxious thoughts and remind me daily that without Him I fall apart.  Even my best efforts and achievements must be anchored deeply in my need for God.

Dear Lord keep my focus on you in the right balance.  I need you,  more than I know or sing.

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Mrs. Caroline Kasaya



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