Lazarus Come Forth

I ended the year 2016 on a good note-tired but grateful to God. I was looking forward to a quiet year to enjoy restfully what God has given.

My 2017 dream of a quiet year has been anything but normal, peaceful and organized. I have encountered several difficult moments in my life and of people I love or just know that have taken the wind from my lungs and in my wings. I have just let go to be sheltered by the Lord because I  cannot on my own.

The situations that I have encountered have made me long for Jesus to speak the words… Lazarus come forth! To undo the work of sin in us and in creation.  To remove shame and bring honour. To restore the broken walls and help the participants to rebuild them.  I need the resurrection power and nothing less for the situations I have seen this year.

I know some Lazarus’s in my life and the situations I have seen will not return to us because death has happened… But even then there is hope for a new beginning of those that are left.  I would like to be part of that good work as His wills.

Then there are those who I know must slowly pick up and rebuild their lives,  where disease and the evil one had claimed a stake but because of community, they are saved.

Then there are those that am telling God,  this situation is messy,  decayed it is potentially dead.  But you are the Lord of the resurrection… Jesus the mighty restorer… You can chart a new way or make all things new.

So I  wait,  I pray, I cry,  I pout,  I think,  I rely on the Lord who beat sin 10-nil. To help me wait and wait well.

In the meantime be blessed by the lyrics of this song by Elevation Worship  “Raised to Life”.

Lord I wait and please help me

Fearfully and Wonderfully made

Caroline Kasaya


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