Praying and Fasting



Have you ever got to a point in your life when this statement by Jesus rang true? So He said to them, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting”. Mark 9:29.

Jesus who had earlier prayed and spent time alone before sending the disciples to a ready harvest was now going to teach them a new lesson. That victories over evil are not a walk in the park.

I have earlier on in my Christian walk often wondered why God allows difficult moments to follow us, interrupt our cosy lives…why is the highway to heaven more like a difficult ride on some of our rural roads?

Why must it be a fight to the death?

Well if we call ourselves followers of Jesus, we cannot choose the curriculum, but we can choose our attitude in facing every test or query. You will note with joy that at the beginning of the ministry, we meet Jesus leaving the Jordan after cousin John has baptized Him and was led (not His will) by the Spirit in to the desert to be tempted by the devil. He went there armed with prayer and fasting. You can read Luke 4:1-2.

Imagine knowing what kind of death you will die, how, by whose hand, and the number of days to the very day. Yet Jesus’ death was not ordinary, it was to achieve eternal salvation for ALL mankind. The weight was heavy. Now imagine in addition to that your arch enemy, a rebel you created and know too well, will be there to try and dissuade you because of the humanity (read weakness of body/flesh) you have adorned.

Prayer aligns our will to God…the body will kick and fight but it MUST comply…because the cause is great and the battle must be fought. Fasting subdues the body so that it does not speak above the voice of God. Fasting emboldens us against temptation. When we like Jesus our forerunner in Matthew 4:10-11 said to Satan “Away from me, Satan!” and we remind him what God says in His word…by reading it of course; then in our hour of great trouble, the angels will be sent by the Father to attend to us.

There are few things that God asks us to try Him and see…Prayer and fasting is one of them. Try Him and see, do not manipulate, Listen Listen, Be Alert, Perceive, for God speaks and acts!

Fast and Pray Today…am sure there is something heavy or light bothering you






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