I have been in this situation for some time and i decided to change after a particularly hard year last year. I am so glad my family is reconnected. Thanks Jacqueline for this.

My dream familia

Over time, I have appreciated the fact that your family could be the most available and dependable people, yet it could be one of the most easily abused pillar(s) of society.

Hurting your family is equivalent to abuse because this results from a lack of understanding as to why God gifted us with such lovely and dependable people. How you handle them could be a  source of a blessing or a curse.

How do you handle yours?

This is how you hurt them knowingly or unknowingly;

  • You don’t prioritize them at all!

You imagine that they understand that you are always busy and that they don’t feel bad when you don’t spare time for them.

  • You think they don’t need you!

I mean, you have grown up with them! Like, 20 years+. Wasn’t that like enough time, you ask, No it wasn’t! Time with family is never enough!

  • You don’t…

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