Lazarus Come Forth

I ended the year 2016 on a good note-tired but grateful to God. I was looking forward to a quiet year to enjoy restfully what God has given.

My 2017 dream of a quiet year has been anything but normal, peaceful and organized. I have encountered several difficult moments in my life and of people I love or just know that have taken the wind from my lungs and in my wings. I have just let go to be sheltered by the Lord because I  cannot on my own.

The situations that I have encountered have made me long for Jesus to speak the words… Lazarus come forth! To undo the work of sin in us and in creation.  To remove shame and bring honour. To restore the broken walls and help the participants to rebuild them.  I need the resurrection power and nothing less for the situations I have seen this year.

I know some Lazarus’s in my life and the situations I have seen will not return to us because death has happened… But even then there is hope for a new beginning of those that are left.  I would like to be part of that good work as His wills.

Then there are those who I know must slowly pick up and rebuild their lives,  where disease and the evil one had claimed a stake but because of community, they are saved.

Then there are those that am telling God,  this situation is messy,  decayed it is potentially dead.  But you are the Lord of the resurrection… Jesus the mighty restorer… You can chart a new way or make all things new.

So I  wait,  I pray, I cry,  I pout,  I think,  I rely on the Lord who beat sin 10-nil. To help me wait and wait well.

In the meantime be blessed by the lyrics of this song by Elevation Worship  “Raised to Life”.

Lord I wait and please help me

Fearfully and Wonderfully made

Caroline Kasaya


How I Need You

Lord I come,  I confess,  bowing here,  I find my rest.  Without you,  I fall apart,  you are the one that guides my heart. Chris Tomlin to me is the new generation (millenials) Michael W Smith.  These lyrics of this modern day classic ” I need you” have an effect on my heart like a piercing of a sword.

The words of this song open the floodgates of my tears.  I am constantly transported into the awareness of the presence of God no matter where I  am. So this is a tricky song to listen to while in public transport because I will bawl like a frustrated toddler.

Do we need the Lord Jesus Christ?  Or have we turned the other way and we want him to need us?  The temptation to be all sufficient in self is a battle that I fight daily with my flesh.  To be in full control of all and everything about me. Jesus told Chris Tomlin to write this song to remind you and I that he holds all things together and without him we will fall apart.

I cry because I wrestle to remain under his direction and ways.  I wrestle with the notion to be like God… A futile attempt from mini-me.

So I sing… “Lord I need you oooh I need you,  every hour I need you,  my one defence,  my righteousness oh God how I need you”.

I sing as a prayer that God will still my anxious thoughts and remind me daily that without Him I fall apart.  Even my best efforts and achievements must be anchored deeply in my need for God.

Dear Lord keep my focus on you in the right balance.  I need you,  more than I know or sing.

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Mrs. Caroline Kasaya


In His Time


One of my all time favourite songs is the Maranatha Album’s “In His Time”. The tune is easy and soulful. The words are hauntingly sweet. The tempo is designed to help you gulp in every word.  The song is a timeless classic that I think should be our ringtone to remind us to wait upon God when the going gets tough-because it will.

I have preached and trained many times in many Kenyan Universities and colleges on the importance of time management. Many a time the focus has been on how to manage time and to be a good steward. I do not in any way belittle this view of things,  but as time rolls on and I grow less younger, I have found one of the greatest time wasters.

It is the forever relentless nature of humans and even humans going to heaven to spend this precious commodity acting God.

This we do by doing things not in His time but out of it.  We worry,  yet God tells us worry not,  we plan like there is no God – by this I mean having no room for the “what ifs”of life. Therefore (and God forbid)  when the “what ifs”happens,  then we relapse into worry and playing God.

My favourite proverb found in the Bible goes something like “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct your paths”.

We have no issue with God,  we may have no issue with trust too but for us to enjoy the benefits of Him directing our paths,  we must Trust His Timing. Then and only then will He make ALL things beautiful for His glory.

I wish you a good day

Fearfully and Wonderfully made


The snare of emotional entanglements.

Wairimu this is excellent. You are a really good writer

Wairimu Mwangi

emotional entanglementsFor a long time I would call these technical relationships for lack of a better word. It’s until I sat in a Romance 101 class (A discipleship program on relationships and marriage) that I learnt the ideal word to use is emotional entanglements.A numbers of us single people have fallen into this trap.

The goal of any relationship is oneness in all aspects. For every healthy relationship, there is the friendship stage before getting to emotional oneness. A relationship may also start with emotional oneness. Many relationships fall into this category. It is also not a safe way to start a relationship. If not monitored, it gradually progresses to physical oneness.

Once I was in a serious emotional entanglement. It was terrible. I enjoyed love without commitment. My fantasy world was full of this guy I’ll call Jay. We would text all day. Somehow, we put off friends and formed…

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Beautiful-Spring-Tulips-Background-Free-DownloadThere is nothing that captivates my soul like the smell of fresh tilled ground and the feeling of earth under my foot and especially between my toes (Thanks Lucas Owako for a past description). There is nothing like a good change of weather, either from the hot to the cold  , the cold to the hot, the dry to the humid and from the dark wintry days to the full bloom of colors of spring. There is nothing like a change of diet especially after eating one type due to economic reasons. Everything changes, tastes newer, longs and must go through change.

Seasons and times are ordained by a loving Father, so that at each change just as the earth, after sun-scorching times, she (the earth) can open up her mouth wide and receive the rain from heaven with thanksgiving. The universe connects with the rhythms of life that the maker has ordained and without complaining, yields to the new season. We too as humans must accept the new season, the season may be tough and heart wrenching like a loss of a dear one, or may be sweet like moving from one country to another (by choice of course), a season of plenty and a season of scarcity.Cherry Blossoms

All in all we must accept a new season and slowly but surely bring our selves to the new realities it portends for us.

Imagine with me that there was no way of predicting a change of seasons…it reminds me of these science fiction movies showing planets that are destroyed and robots, super funny humans or clones are roaming, where the whole movie is shot in darkness, misty scenes and flashing fires all over. Boring! Stress! Yeah only robots can exist!

But God created seasons to renew His beloved people, peradventure in our ups or downs, we may experience and acknowledge God the more, learn to trust and glorify Him.

Embrace your season; it may be the colic baby, she will grow; it may be school work, it will end; it may be a job you are doing to keep yourself sustained, change is coming, it may be sickness, God heals; it may be depression and stressed thoughts, God will lighten you; it may be….

God who is in-charge of each season will pluck a flower for you in every season to remind you that He cares for you at every turn.


Dear Father, When you created me you knew every season I will walk through at the exact time to the minutest micro-second. I am never ever going to find myself in a season and then hear you say that you need to consult about what you should do about me. “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be”- Psalm 139:16Single Tulip



Life can kick you really hard in the stomach leaving you out of breathe. It is almost a month now since we lost a dear friend in a road accident. It has taken me over 3 weeks to actually see, believe and feel that our 29 year old, friend  had crossed over to eternity.My husband and I were their best couple in a colorful wedding in November 2015.

I remember the frantic call from the wife at 11.30pm on that fateful Tuesday 9th of February 2016. I was  in bed and for some reason, I decided to leave the phone on (something I had not done for quite sometime) and my husband noted the brilliance in the room as the wife made the call.

I quickly jumped out of bed, moving via adrenaline, my usually unperturbed and a little slow to react husband was still taking in the news at the other end of the line that ” My husband has not arrived to his destination, the phone is ringing and no one has picked it, the transport company he traveled by is not keen to release any information”.

We picked our warm clothes, I called the supervisor to the husband and started the long journey that is still on 3 weeks later. The long and short of it is that the 84 day husband died and we were thrown into panic and planning for a funeral.

Why does God allow life to kick us so hard? Or simply why does life hurt? When you think you have it and want to hold onto it tightly, like soap, it slips out of your hand and you have to try and follow it to catch up with where you were. David in Psalm 22 paints an interesting scenario when he cries out in verse 1-2 ” My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, so far from my cries of anguish? My God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer, by night, but I find no rest”.

Jesus has been at the same position if not at a more harder place than I have been in the last 3 weeks. In these Psalm, David asks the human question “Why” three times. This is a heavy word especially when you are crying and you are asking The Sovereign God. Why Lord? Why take a young man? Why leave a young widow? Why wound us this much? Why? Why? Why?

Yet Jesus, God himself cried, asked the same question, there was silence from heaven and darkness covered the earth for  3 hours Luke 23:44-45 “for the sun stopped shining”.

Things are tough, life will never be the same again but the sun will shine again, on a new me on a new us as a couple, on a new life the young widow has to live and indeed all who loved him, his family and friends. But like resurrection David in Psalm 22:24 says, “For he has not despised or scorned the suffering of the afflicted one (Emphasis mine here: ‘of the one kicked hard in the stomach’) he has not hidden his face from him but has listened to his cry for help.

The devil and death kicked Jesus HARD on Good Friday but come Easter Sunday, Jesus dealt them a deathly blow. God heard His Son’s cry  and though He seemed silent, he was holding on for Easter Sunday, the final blow on these enemies of men and women across the globe.

I thank God for the promise of resurrection for our young friend and a life of hope and peace to his widow, family and friends. For we all need that assurance.Cross-at-Dusk


Lord I do not understand the loss and the stress I have had in the past 3 weeks. I do not know why this loss and death happened. But I know how I feel. I feel robbed, I feel played and I feel helpless at times. If I am feeling this way, there are others whose same loss means much more; especially the young widow and his immediate family. Father help me during this time to find you steadfast and sure for you are. Let my faith in you kick in and not give up. Help me to be strong in your power.In Jesus Name. Amen

Healthy vegetable rice with nuts!

Dear Purity, I am printing your recipes and using them to enhance Kasaya’s meals

Healthy Eating

I know there are many witnesses to this. I grew up with a guy who loved rice. Oh! He could eat rice everyday. For some of us who never liked eating meat, let alone rice, and only wheat products make us full, it is a big task to think of rice as a dinner meal. I am not sure I can survive well in Madagascar, but it is possible to adapt and adjust.

For the moment, I write to share this recipe that comes in handy those days when you need to be creative around rice. Either one has some left over rice and also when you have vegetarians and gluten intolerant guests. It is also an indirect way to get kids to eat veges!

All you need is rice, a spoon of oil, salt, vegetables and nuts(optional), spices (optional) and you have a balanced meal!

RICE: A bowl…

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Healthy vegetable rice with nuts!

Healthy vegetable rice with nuts!December 14, 2015 Leave a commentI know there are many witnesses to this. I grew up with a guy who loved rice. Oh! He could eat rice everyday. For some of us who never liked eating meat, let alone rice, and only wheat products make us full, it is a big task to think of rice as a dinner meal. I am not sure I can survive well in Madagascar, but it is possible to adapt and adjust.For the moment, I write to share this recipe that comes in handy those days when you need to be creative around rice. Either one has some left over rice and also when you have vegetarians and gluten intolerant guests. It is also an indirect way to get kids to eat veges!All you need is rice, a spoon of oil, salt, vegetables and nuts(optional), spices (optional) and you have a balanced meal!RICE: A bowl of left over rice or cook one cup of rice for 3-4 servingsVEGETABLES: Whenever you can, think of the colors, the varied the better! When it comes to quantities, I love vegetables, so I use as much as I can. Some few combinations include:Red onions, carrots, broccoli and red capsicumRed/ White onions, carrots, french beans and rutabagaCelery, spring onions, carrots and green and red capsicumNUTS: Peanuts, Cashew nuts, WalnutsFry all the vegetables using a tablespoon of oil, like sunflower oil, then add in the nuts. Sprinkle in salt. If you are a fun of spices like I am, this is the part where you add them, but this meal takes a great taste even without spices. Mix in the rice and let the meal cook on low heat. Enjoy!

Source: Healthy vegetable rice with nuts!

Bringing Christ back into Christmas

Just last week at Nakumatt Thika Road, the Christmas scene was having the usual very tall tree, lights and all the decorations and trimmings that go with it. The newest addition was the Polar Bears. So when a friend MTO snapped the scene, it became a point of discussion in my house but also on the FB.

Thank God the Nativity Scene brought back into our TRM. Yeah, I know Jesus is not popular in some circles, but hey he is King of Kings. King over Christmas trees and Polar bears.

So am happy that some children will this Christmas ask ” Who is the baby in the manger?” and someone will answer ” Long time ago in Bethlehem…”.

As we pass by to buy ice cream, to gawk at wonderful displays, to eat at the food court or to simply stroll as a family or alone, we must pause at the Nativity Scene and for a brief moment remember that God loved you and me so much that he gave his one and only son…not the lifeless block of baby in the manger but King of Kings and LORD of Lords. Merry Christmas

Christmas at Nakumatt- Nativity Scene


My Christmas 2015 reflections continue with a thought I had last night about Santa Claus. Now I know some of us cringe our noses when I mention that name and we conjure up many theories of who he is or not. Before we get too critical let me bring in my point.

When I watch Christmas movies (my best are Hallmark or ABC family ones) SC is an elderly man who gives gifts to children who have been nice in the year. He lands them at the Christmas tree after the kid expresses the wish especially at a mall or a silent prayer. SC gives the gift desired and the expression of joy on the child’s face when the gift is given is amazing! I love those parts of the movie because I love receiving gifts. Friends and family…this is to you… i love receiving gifts and so do you.

Christmas reminds us of the ultimate gift ever given- God gave His son Jesus Christ to DIE for our sins. It is a cliche in most homes that God gave His best and indeed He did…but do you give your best to family, to workmates, to friends, to strangers? To yourself? Do you give at all?

At this time we are packing suitcases and setting off to our “homes”, we are shopping till we drop, we are eating till we drop, we are looking forward to this holiday. Spare a thought for the new widow, the new orphan, the single parent, the lonely heart- trusting God for a spouse, to the childless, those whose family live out of the country, those who MUST work this time, those who are alone in this world, a young couple with a new child, those with a sick relative in hospital. Buy a packet of milk, buy a huge shopping, visit and eat their small meals, bring the kids over to make them happy, visit them and with them and cheer their grieving or lonely souls, make a dress, buy a shoe, give a card, buy a basket of fruits. Do something GiveSanta